5 Travel Tips for Parents Flying With Young Kids

Traveling with kids, especially younger ones, is not an easy task so it is no wonder that most parents dread the thought of going on vacation with the children in tow.

Some opt to put the kids under the care of a reliable babysitter while others decide to bring them along, hoping against hope that nothing goes wrong! If you are one of those parents who won’t deny your kids the pleasure of spending a holiday together, well done! Know that avoiding difficulties such as a cranky child or an anxious sibling while traveling can be avoided easily if you set your mind to it. Here are some tips to help you along the way…

1. Opt for the red-eye flight

Plan your flights wisely, and tell your friendly travel agents to book your family on the red-eye flights. Seasoned traveling parents revealed that they usually keep their kids up till boarding time so that when they are in the plane, they might just sleep all the way. And they usually do, too! Direct flights are also a good solution – you can opt for cheap flights but think of the precious sleep and peace you will be enjoying with your kids sleeping soundly aboard the plane!

2. Ask for seats in the back

Seats located at the back of the plane gives you easy access to the washrooms. Moreover, it can be easier for the air attendants to attend to your needs. And since more things are happening at the back, you can easily distract your kids and keep them from screaming and throwing a tantrum due to boredom. Some parents also noted that their children sleep easier at the noisier back section – perhaps it was the white noise that made it easier for them to dose off?

3. Invest in a double stroller, and a carry-all bag

It’s wise to invest in a double stroller, one where both your young children can sit when you are boarding your flights. Your hands will be free to carry other things or at least ensure that most of your possession is not left behind. You can start your search for double strollers at eBay or even Craigslist for affordable strollers. And since your kids will outgrow them soon, a used double stroller will work just fine.

4. Pack a portable entertainment system or two

An Apple iPhone loaded with kid-friendly apps is just the think you need to distract and pacify cranky children. Otherwise a portable DVD player and your kids’ favorite videos will be ideal. What I would really recommend is the Nintendo DS Lite, a portable gaming console that would fit nicely into your young one’s hands, giving her full control over the games she plays, which by the way, can be very educational and fun at the same time! The touch screen is good for tapping and rhythm games which will definitely occupy your children nicely and keep them out of your hair while you snooze in the plane.

5. Have essential necessities with you at all times

The pressure from flying in a plane can cause a child to fret and this can be a rather stressful time. You can pack some Tylenol or other child medication for her ears. You can also give your baby the bottle before take-off and touch down so that she will kick up less of a fuss. Don’t forget a warm blanket or two as well as her favorite toy to comfort her!

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